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Greetings from Germany, Iam german and like this game alot. Its very enjoyable, wished for more people. Looking forward to guild combat. Will make this game the best place for MO to get rid of all its Elitist 1337 Haxor Pro Players.... wait was this the plan? Get all them toxic players into a side project?!


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rolufe : i like rolufe, but he played mo 4 days during the last 4 years or so, again he 's gonna stream so its cool.
I have no real opinion on your post, except that Naj is awesome and more than earned her key. A slight correction though, Rolufe was actively playing MO over the last three years. We only quit when DRED sold their keep.
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Translate to spanish? We are still waiting for them to translate the lore of their 2010 release game from 'Advanced Swedish'
Just had to say some irrelevant stuff starting more irrelevant stuff and now making me make an irrelevant post. You're a wicked one.