Patch Notes

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  • Added /puke @name lobby emote.
  • Added /carebear @name lobby emote.
  • Melee and Armor now show stats in loot window.
  • Meele and Armor now show compared stats in loot window if you have something equipped.


  • Change some settings for the dynamic rules to make matches more intense and a bit quicker.
  • Mounts now slow down a bit quicker regardless of stats.
  • Renamed “Doors” to “Breakable Doors”
  • Renamed “Fortress Chest” to “Lockpickable Chest”
  • Increased the damage on the Worn Shortsword.
  • If you kill the rider of a mount you can now tame that mount.
  • Dead players will now see chat from the living.
  • Improved the map with more mountain passages to prevent players from getting trapped by the storm.
  • Lowered devotion level for /thunder @name from 15 to 10
  • Removed some unnecessary loot from wheelbarrows.


  • Fixed embarrassing typos in the help menu.
  • Fixed a couple of issues with the buttons in the help menu.