One server with no storm?

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Is it possible to have one server always running that does not have a storm?

This could allow players to go into it at any time to explore, practice or what ever. With out the need to wait on players for a round.

Players could still attack and kill each other. There just would not be a storm pushing them together and the whole map would be open to everyone all the time.
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A bonus to it would be if it could have messages of storms that are about to pop up.

Or some way to opt in for a storm server if there are enough players.
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I guess it really would not have to be open all the time. It could just be an option for someone to start one if there was not already one started.

But if there was one started then it would no longer be an option to start one and players would just be able to join the one already running.

When there is zero players on that server it could drop it until someone starts one again.
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There would be many benefits for a new player to have an always available world to explore.

First and foremost it would get them into the game without waiting on other players or a timer.

Once in they get their first view of the world and can explore it to become more familiar with the world.

They can find locations where good loot is and use this knowledge when in battles like the vets do.

They can get there hands on spells and spell books and try them out on friends or mounts to learn the system.

They can try to work out their hotkeys and quickbars.

They can practice combat with friends or others.

They can find lockpics and try to learn how to lockpick in keeps.

They can find shovels and learn how to loot mounds.

Groups could arrange to have battles.

And anything else players could dream up to do in this open world.
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I still say an open non storm server would be good. It is so hard trying to teach new players during a round when the storm is closing in. Having an open world would give some breathing room for new players to try and figure things out.

If you was to do something like this then there should be an options to select a spawn point. This way someone could tell a player to meet them on the no storm server at X spawn location. There of coarse would have to be many options so it will not be easy to set up situations like with MO steam release.

Sure there could be players trying to find and kill players there as well. But what would be the harm in that? Though they would most likely be able to find battles easier on a storm server.

Stats and devotion should not increase in non storm world though. So players would have to compete in the storm battles to actually get kill counts, devotion and such.

A time limit on how long the server is up could be good as well. So at some point everyone is booted off of the no storm world at the same time. (Maybe there could even be a cool down period before a new one can be started. Though that part could be over kill and add to the wait again.)

This time limit would do multiple things. First off it could get a bunch of players in the que at the same time. Second it would make it harder for a group to get a bunch of good gear and maintain dominance over the open world.
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