Mortal Royale

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Is this game still getting updated, was there ever a lot of players on the game say like over 20 players in a server.

Sebastian Persson

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For sure, we took a beating early on because we didn't tutorial'ize (?) the game enough.
We are currently working on making this a lot clearer for new players before we push again.
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ok, hopefully the waiting in the lobby for a long time sometimes gets fixed. Is it possible to get more servers such as Australia.
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I have played a few games with 20+ since release. My largest was 130+ though that was when a popular streamer played a couple games.

It would be much nice to have large numbers in the game but It is still very fun with just a handful of people.

As for other server locations, I think at this time adding other server options would just spread the players out even further.