Longevity thread - new player fight experience

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Need a way to retain the brand new players that are getting destroyed by vets.
My suggestions:
New account - yellow flag.
Yellow flags get segregated into a yellow server so they can figure stuff out and not get owned in 3 shots and leave the game.


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Player base is currently so small games might not launch. / Vets wont get games cuz honestly theres only a couple per game the majority isnnt good players. At least from the games I've played. But it could at least help to keep the new players from quitting cuz they might actually get some kills.

I was thinking that maybe it could work to have a training area where u can pick up gear and duel other players. But when you lose the duel you dont die you just get back up and the duel ends. They could optionally do this as a pre game lobby. This way newer players could at least get some low risk practice. Its hard to improve when they die in 5 seconds after looting for 10 minutes. They can watch a how to pvp video but that doesnt do much when they cant practice it.


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I think a practice area would be enough aswell. Honestly though, dying/getting owned wouldn't be as bad if you knew you wouldn't be forced to wait 5 minutes to enter a new match.