Long wait to enter the game

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I know it's still early on the new year, but is there a fix or solution that will help reduce the wait to enter the game and be able to play? And is it close to be released?

Obviously having more players to help populate the servers will fix this issue, but until then would it be possible to enter the game either via an in-game lobby or whatever else that we can move around in and maybe fight in? To help pass the time while waiting for the actual match to start. I don't think I'm the only one who sees little reason to play when we are greeted with a 5+ minute timer to stare at, every time we enter a match.
If the only option is to alt-tab then I'll go play something else.

right now it takes ages even to get into the server with enough people in it. is it because there are too many players for the amount of servers or too few?
ps: on top of that, after finding enough players, it still takes 5 mins for the battle to start. then more seconds in game for the in game spirit mode to start, then more seconds in spirit mode to move around the map (but that's the only sensible waiting time to be having though).