Key Bindings pre load

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Any chance you can set it so we can setup hotbars and keybindings pre game. Something I found very challenging. In MO obviously not an issue but in MR it should be considered.


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Ya setting up all my mouse and side hotbar bindings was a pain cuz I had to try and speed to at the start of the game.

Also would be nice to maybe have some bindables like a heal button and stuff. Like in blackout when you pick up a healing thing it auto goes onto your x to heal thing. But in MR when you pick up bandages you need to bar them every time.

A premade hit to bandage, hit to pot, etc would be good. Is annoying if you loot bandages / pots mid fight but dont have time to bar them. Or you have multiple differnet potions and dont want to use several bar slots / cant re bar to put new pot. Something like Z to bandage and C to drink health pot or something would solve these issues. May have issues with having multiple different kinds of bandage and pot but just make the different pots all the same healing but with more doses, and bandages just remove the others or make it default to minor / best bandage or something.