Is mod support planned?

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First of all, love the idea of this game and how-large scale you've gone. Really keen to see how that plays out. Given the size of this game, I believe opening it up to modders could increase the player / content diversity massively - and really help this game stand out in the Battle Royale genre, plus modding similar close-combat type titles is super popular as evidenced by Mount and Blade and others.

If modding is a consideration i'd like to have a chat about it, and see if we can help you build it - as i've got a ton of experience running, and we've been building a modding API (like workshop) for the past few years.

It's open, very flexible and can be deeply integrated into your community - to become a powerful tool for you and your players. If you'd like to take a look our API docs is the best place to start. Keen to have a chat and keep up the fine work!