How about an update of any kind?


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We have been working on the Map, making certain areas easier to get in and out of.
Added more loot to areas that were a bit low on it.
And of course a few bug fixes.


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I think there is a big demand for information on both MR and MO. How often dont we hear frustrated players complain about things, saying that SV doesnt care and does nothing. I think it would be good for both the playerbase and for SV if everyone knew what was going on.

There should be a in dept weekly update post about what has been going on at the office, what has been done in the game and what the plans are for the near future.

Is there a list of things to be done before releasing fully on steam? How will you get attention for the game when that happens? When will group games be available?


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Yeah, They have strayed away from the regular updates again it seems.

There have been a number of shakeups for sure. But it would be nice to see some signs of them getting back on track again.

Also not sure if they expected more from MR at this point. The lack of players may have taken the wind out of their sails.
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That's why I stopped playing ha ha
Same. I really enjoyed playing but have not played for some time now.

Its just not worth waiting for players and SV doesn't seem to be doing anything to address those issues.

They surely are not paying any attention to these forums. That much is painfully obvious.


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I stopped playing aswell and I won't be back until there is a patch/update of some kind.
What will make me play more permanently would be an overhaul in how the game handles the waiting time (start up the map to play on while waiting / "in-game lobby". You know... the stuff that's been suggested a thousand times already), or if the game magically gains enough players to make the que-time almost non-existant.

I don't think Starvault has stopped caring for the game or anything, they are just painfully slow in releasing updates. Mortal Online recently recieved a patch so hopefully it won't be too long until we get one for Mortal Royale aswell.