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Hi there Community!

This Friday the 7th of December at 12 AM Central European Winter Time (CEWT), UTC +1, we will start the servers for another test session!
You can use this site to see what time that is for you: Convert Time Zones.

The main purpose this time is to open up the servers for Steams Test Process so that we are good to go when the upcoming Early Access release approches. (No ETA)
This means that ALL servers will be up and running, and without any lowest players limit. Which can lead to matches starting with only 1 player.

We are also trying to get some nice changes into the patch such as:
  • You should no longer get trapped inside your horse/mount.
  • Fixed an issue where players sometime could become invisible to eachother.
  • You can now sprint in ghost mode to move around faster during the start countdown.
  • You can now fast delete items in your inventory by pressing Alt+Right Clicking on the item.
  • Added a couple of new semi-rare random loot structures such as Tents and Wagons.
  • Loot containers such as corpses, wheelbarrows etc. now has a random yaw rotation to make them look less static.

Hope to see you all on the battlefield!
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