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Automotive door panel trim strip mold
This is a plastic mould for the door panel trim strip of Bentley. This is a large hot runner plastic mould.
Jiemei focuses on mould design and manufacture for 15 years, providing plastic molds of interior and exterior trim parts for bentley, land rover, mercedes-benz, BMW, porsche, Volvo and other famous automobile brands in the world. Jiemei has a professional mold team of 260 people, including professionals who has rich experiences in product mold flow analysis, mold project management, mold design, mold processing, mold assembly, mold testing and mold check, we can provide customers with total mold solution.
JieMei is equiped with kinds of high quality precision processing equipment such as Charmilles, Sodick, MIKRON, FANUC, DAE HAN , spotting mahcine 500 tons, 30T crane, HEXAGON / MITUTOYO CMM measuring machine and other advanced measuring equipment.
Common problems during mold test
1. Insufficient plastic parts: mainly due to insufficient material supply, poor flow of melting material filling, excessive inflation and poor exhaust, etc., the filling cavity is not satisfied, and the shape of the plastic parts is incomplete or the individual cavities are not satisfied when multiple cavities are filled
2. Air bubbles: residual gas in the plastic parts is caused by too much air filling in the melt material or poor air exhaust, which is small in volume or in series of holes (note that it should be different from vacuum bubbles).
3. Size instability: mainly due to poor mold strength, poor precision, the injection machine working instability and forming conditions instability and other reasons, so that the plastic parts size changes unstable
4. Too large flash: due to poor mold fitting, too large gap, plastic flow is too good, too much material makes plastic parts extrude excess flakes along the edge
5. Pit (dent) or vacuum bubble: due to poor pressure and filling, plastic parts are not uniform cooling, wall thickness is not uniform and plastic shrinkage is large
6. Ripples on the surface of plastic parts: due to the fact that the melt material flows along the mold surface and fills the mold cavity, instead of flowing neatly, the melt material flows in the mold cavity surface in a semi-solidified undulating state or the melt material has stagnation phenomenon
7. Poor welding: due to the low temperature of materials when melting materials are separated and joined, and the incompatibility of resin and adhesion, etc., poor welding occurs when melting materials are joined, resulting in obvious fine seam lines along the surface or inside of plastic parts
8. Gate sticking mold: due to mechanical resistance inside the gate cover, insufficient cooling or failure of pulling rod, the gate sticks in the gate cover
9. poor demoulding: due to the strong filling effect, poor demoulding performance of the mold and other reasons, the plastic parts demoulding difficult or after demoulding plastic parts deformation, fracture, or plastic parts residual direction does not meet the design requirements
Respected customers, if you have any problems and requirements in mold, please contact us. Our team will happy to have in-depth communication with you, to provide professional evaluation and analysis for you, custom and development the mold according to your requirements.Auto Window & Door System Mould