adding weapon material information in the initial tutorial?

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especially for new players who never played MO. In an mmorpg the discovery is part of it, but in a much quicker format like a battle royale It would take lots of (looong wait) games to figure things out. especially since the exotic names of metals. who would know that oghmium is much better than cuprum? there are the stat values, but they are not always that informative.

pretty much kinda like Fortnite has the rarity quality of items, Cuprum would be common, and Oghmium legendary :D

right now I'm always going inside the little house, getting the ogh or cron cron weapons and just hammer all the noobs with cuprum 1h mauls running around half naked.


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I think youve played too much Fortnite. You can see the damage and weight of the weapon, thats all you need to know. Knowing the weapon material doesnt change anything.